Live Q&A with Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Keyon Harrold, Childish Gambino)

In this week’s free live-stream Q&A on the Townsend Labs YouTube channel, Cassidy Turbin will discuss recording techniques, creativity, and how working with the artist Beck has left a lasting impression on him.

Andrew Scheps Talks to Awesome People ft. Susan Rogers

This week Andrew talks with Susan Rogers. From Purple Rain to Berklee, she’s pretty much done it all!

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Jim Survis

Jim is a backline technician and personal assistant for some of the most recognized artists and bands in the business, ike Guns N Roses, Lenny Kravitz, Jonny Lang, Foreigner, Van Halen, KISS, Lynard Skynard, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, Black Crowe’s, Cheap Trick, and many, many more.

MixCon 2020

MixCon is the world’s only convention that’s all about music mixing.


Longtime friends of KMD Productions, PAMA Alliance and CRAS (Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences), partnered with us for our very first Careers in Pro Audio webinar.

Pro Tools for Absolute Beginners

Want to learn Pro Tools but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t have to be scary.

Wrong End of the Snake ft. John Douglas

This week, Ken and Pooch talk to John Douglas, drummer and artist for his entire life. John merged the two passions, ultimately becoming the premier drum customizer for international superstars including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Maná, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Pantera, Iron Maiden, and Aerosmith.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Tony Maserati

Part 2, the interview continues! This week Andrew talks with Tony Maserati.

Reimagining Our Industry

Thanks to COVID-19 we are all now unwilling participants in a seismic experiment that is shaking the foundations of society, technology, economics, healthcare and our Industry. SoundGirls and ProSoundWeb are pondering how we might reimagine our industry.

Wrong End of the Snake ft. RYAN SHUCK & AMIR DERAKH

RYAN SHUCK & AMIR DERAKH are musicians, songwriters, composers, producers, and entrepreneurs. Both were members of Orgy, Dead By Sunrise, and most recently Julien-K.

CAS Student Recognition Award

CAS is now accepting applications for the Student Recognition Award.

WAVES Open Sessions: R&B/Hip Hop Vocal Mixing Masterclass

Grammy-winning producer/mixer Fabian Marasciullo (Rihanna, Jay Z, Lil Wayne) will open his mix of the new song “Wake Up Dead” by T-Pain ft. Chris Brown.

Andrew Scheps Talks to Awesome People ft. Steve Lillywhite

This week Andrew talks with Steve Lillywhite. XTC to Peter Gabriel to U2 to Dave Matthews Band to to to to… Need I go on?

Transitioning in the Music Industry

Laura Nagtegaal and Savy Dunlevy share their stories with SoundGirls of working and transitioning in the music industry.

SWIM Masters with Becki Barabas

This week on SWIM Masters, Natalie is joined by Co-Producer/Editor Stephanie for a special conversation with Harman’s Becki Barabas.

The Wrong End of the Snake ft. Charlie “Cosmo” Wilson

Cosmo Wilson is an award winning concert lighting designer and lighting director for rock bands, active since 1986.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People

This week Andrew talks with Bill Schnee. Another face on the Mount Rushmore of engineers!

Mixing Film Score Music: Masterclass with Junkie XL

Having the skills and versatility to mix film scores is indispensable for modern engineers.

Transmute™ Your Artistry

Don’t miss this FREE 5-day masterclass series tied in with the Transmute™ From Home Performance Challenge, hosted by Laura Escudé.

Past, Present, and Future of Recording Studio Design

Hosted by WSDG Founding Partner John Storyk, and a special guest, this discussion will trace the history of innovation that has coincided with Storyk’s career and the work of WSDG as one of the preeminent leaders in modern recording studio design.


The TEC Awards Submissions Deadline is just around the corner–don’t miss it!

The Set Up Podcast & Curating Connections

In this episode of The Set Up Podcast, hear from agency owner and former tour manager, Joe Lucchese.

How to be an Ally for Marginalized Groups in Audio Pt II

It’s time to stop talking about the lack of diversity in the audio industry. and do something about it. Part II of this important event takes place Thursday 8/20.

Wrong End of The Snake ft. ADAM RUEHMER & LORENZO ERRICO

This week, Ken and Kevin talk with ADAM RUEHMER & LORENZO ERRICO, modern artist marketing experts.

How to Structure a Mix: Webinar with Ethan Mates (Linkin Park)

In this live webinar, acclaimed producer & mix engineer Ethan Mates (Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2Pac, Korn) will show you the best workflows for mixing.