Lurssen Mastering Presents: Analog and Digital Gain Structure

In Analog and Digital Gain Structure, Lurssen Mastering shares a rundown of how they apply their own unique gain staging practices using the custom analog console and how that translates to the digital realm when using the LMC Plug-in.

Insights in Sound feat. Rick Allen

Inspired by sound at an early age, Rick Allen has spent a lifetime pursuing the sounds you hear in your head, and many you haven’t yet.

SoundGirls Present: Ask the Experts Recording Music Editing for Film & TV

Being a music editor takes having a range of skills from music, audio/sound, tv/film, communication/interpersonal, and more. How do you get started as a music editor, and how do you make a career out of it?

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Smoother Smyth

Smoother quit his real job in 1972, moved to the USA, and took off to be a drum roadie for the band Flash.  His next gig was Genesis with Peter Gabriel in 1973.  In January 1980, thanks to the generosity of Supertramp, he orchestrated the launch of Delicate Productions Inc.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People feat. Phil Brown

Phill has been right in the middle of the UK music scene for long time and has some amazing stories.


Client Spotlight: Struktur Series

We’re currently producing a monthly speaker series with Struktur highlighting everyone from developing artists to established pros.

Insights in Sound ft. Wesley Devore

This week Daniel speaks with Wesley Devore, Director of Marketing, PreSonus. She’s helped to launch dozens of cool products, but for Wesley it’s never been just about marketing.

Insights in Sound ft. Peter Gorges

Technology innovator Peter Gorges has long been one of pro audio’s well-kept secrets.

The SoundGirls Podcast ft. Mike Bangs

On this weeks podcast, they interview Mike Bangs of Allen & Heath.

Tony Shepperd’s Tech Breakfast

Join the second virtual Tech Breakfast meeting.

How to Improve Audio in AV Installations: Waves Commercial Audio Webinar

Join us to learn how you can improve audio quality dramatically in AV installations, with Waves’ new Commercial Audio products, CA1000 and CA2000.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Vance Powell

 With one of the best beards in the business, Vance makes some of the coolest records you’ll ever hear.

Teching for Live Sound Engineers

The role of FOH or Monitor Tech differs from the role of system and stage techs, system engineers and crew chiefs.

Wrong End of the Snake ft. George Edwards

George has well over three decades of industry experience, with a strong background in touring, production management, and business development. Now this California native is at Sound Image as general manager.

Preparing Your Mixes for Mastering

Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen sit down for a discussion on analyzing and navigating a challenging mix before or during the mastering process.

Using Multiple EQs to Enhance Dynamic Range

Equalizers can serve multiple purposes in mastering. See how the team at Lurssen Mastering combines different equalizers in order to get a fully expanded dynamic range for a song.

Insights in Sound ft. Wes Maebe

Wes Maebe joins Daniel from RAK Studios in London to talk about coming up through the ranks, seamlessly weaving modern digital and retro analog, and squeezing the very best out of every session.

The 2nd Annual Live Production Summit (LPS) — Virtual

LPS (formerly Tour Link) has welcomed thousands of participants and partners to attend the premier conference for live events & entertainment production professionals for well over a decade.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Michael Brauer

One of the best mixers of our time, Michael has worked from everybody from Aretha to Coldplay to James Brown to Dylan.

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Matt Larsen & Chip Sciacca

Larsen is the Vice President of Sales for the US Distributor, Group One Limited. Chip is Digico technical support, and an amazing resource for all that is @digico.official.

Ask The Experts — Mixing for Broadway & Theater

Coming up on Wednesday is SoundGirls’ next Ask the Experts – Mixing for Broadway and Theatre.

The Recording Academy’s Remote (Controlled) Pt 2

Part 2 will outline best practices for artists, producers and engineers engaging in remote collaborations and explore new technologies for remote recording.

The SoundGirls Podcast ft. Alesia Hendley

This Week’s Episode is Alesia Hendley – AV sales engineer, multimedia journalist, and content creator.

Analog Mastering-EQing into Compression

This week Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen demonstrate how to align a tape machine for flat transfers.

Insights in Sound ft. Bonnie Hayes

Best known for writing Bonnie Raitt’s multi-platinum “Love Letter” and “Have a Heart,” Bonnie Hayes’ songs have been recorded by artists like Bette Midler, Cher, Robert Cray, and Adam Ant, to name a few.