MixRoom Mentor™ by Carl Tatz Design

Episode One – PhantomFocus™ vs. New Monitors

In Episodes One and Two, Carl will explain what’s really happening to the monitoring setup in your room and show why the room/speaker interactions take precedent, dispelling the myth that a new set of monitors will solve all your problems.

In Episode Three, Carl will give you some powerful tools that they use in every PhantomFocus System (PFS) that you can use to render a huge improvement in your own setup, even without installing a PFS.

March Monday, March 22

Extreme Remote Production

Remote production stays small but goes extreme with Blackmagic Design.

Insights in Sound --David Morgan, Live Sound Engineer

A consummate professional and great hang, he’s been trusted at the helm for artists ranging from Paul Simon and James Taylor to Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, and Stevie Nicks.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Alan Parsons

This week's guest is Alan Parsons! He's sure you already know, but if you don't know, you will know. Alan Parsons!