Welcome to One and Dunn™, the Podcast from KMD Productions

From the equipment manufacturers and the engineers, to the business people behind the scenes, over the years every member of the music industry microcosm has become family to Karen Dunn, Founder of KMD Productions.

Along with Producers Jules Everson and Stephanie Lamond, in every episode of One and Dunn, Karen catches up with a member of their KMD Pro community. Listen to get to know the guests’ stories in & out of music, learn from the ups & downs of their journeys, and where to find the best food on the road & at home.

Brought to you by IMES (Iron Mountain Entertainment Services), Sennheiser, NAMM, Earthworks Audio, and the Recording Studio Insurance Program.

Guests include: Josh Gudwin, Neal Pogue, Manny Marroquin, Sylvia Massy, Derek Dixie

This podcast is produced by Jules Everson and Stephanie Lamond. Our audio editor is Corey Klotz, and videos are produced by Josh Bell.