The Set Up Podcast Ep: 23 “The Foundations of a Music Career”

The Set Up Podcast is back with Season 2 featuring Women Musicpreneurs and a new co-host, Sam Oberholtzer!

Episode 23 The Foundations of a Music Career
Want to learn tips for using Instagram? Want more ways to grow your following? In today’s age, artists have the job of 5 people. They are expected to have a social following, practice their craft, collaborate with other artists; all tasks while on a budget. Don’t have a budget? “There’s always a solution to everything.” Check out this episode to build the foundation for your musical career.


Client Spotlight Experience: PAMA Alliance

Meet our next client spotlight feature, PAMA | Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance!

Freaks with Lines Presents: Freak Talk Trilogy

Join us as creative team members Susan Vishmid, Sadie Black and Eric Friedlander share their experience creating original ballet content for a digital audience and discuss some of the processes behind the performances that helped Freaks With Lines® produce new works amid the challenges of 2020.

Lurssen Mastering Presents: Analog and Digital Gain Structure

In Analog and Digital Gain Structure, Lurssen Mastering shares a rundown of how they apply their own unique gain staging practices using the custom analog console and how that translates to the digital realm when using the LMC Plug-in.