Introducing MIMIP MI’s Most Interesting People, Hosted by JC Faxas

JC Faxas brings you this Podcast and YouTube Channel in order to introduce you to some of the Music Industry’s most interesting people.

From JC–“After 30 years in this industry and countless trade shows, I’ve met a lot of people and made just as many friends. and yet there are always certain names that seem to keep popping up, people who stand out because of their character or contributions to this industry. Many have inspired, invented, innovated, educated, or in some way changed our industry whether in front of the spotlight or behind the scenes.

Join me as I fill in some blanks and give you a little of their backstory, so next time you see them, say Hi and start a conversation, You make a new friend and or at worst, a new business contact.”

Pooch & Rabold on Youtube

Rabold and Pooch share all of their knowledge in this very informal series of videos where you get to be a "fly on the wall," while two of the most respected live sound engineers talk freely about audio.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Steve Lillywhite

This week's guest is Steve Lillywhite! The interview with Andrew and Steve continues and it's the last ATTAP Episode until 2021! You don't want to miss it!

SWIM Masters Episode 13 ft. Karen Dunn

Join SWIM Masters on Tuesday when the newest episode goes live. Natalie is joined alongside Co-Producer/Editor Stephanie to interview KMD Productions' own Karen Dunn.