Virtual Networking: Cultivating Connections and Transforming Failures Into Successes

The thing that’s inspired me most in my three decades as an events producer in the professional audio industry is that sense of community inspired by face-to-face connections with incredibly dynamic and talented people.

With COVID, suddenly that person-to-person connection was lost to us. I didn’t realize how much I would miss doing what I do. As weeks stretched into months, I wanted to find new and effective ways to help people in the sound industry shift from coping alone to thriving together. I sought to nourish those connections that liven up our work…and restore our collective sense of possibility.

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Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Alan Moulder

This week's guest is Alan Moulder! Alan has been making some of the coolest records in rock for a long, long time and we're going to talk about most of them, but especially Swervedriver!

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Jerry Harvey

Jerry is an innovator, monitor engineer, and entrepreneur. His in ear monitors took over the industry starting with Ultimate Ears, and for the last 10 years….his own company, JH Audio.

The Set Up Podcast Season 2 Launch Highlights

The Set Up Podcast is back with Season 2 featuring Women Musicpreneurs and a new co-host, Sam Oberholtzer!