WSDG: E-Studios Evolution

One of the earliest and most compelling lessons brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic as the world grappled with long-term work-from-home and remote learning issues was the need for spaces in the home, capable of meeting full-time professional, creative, and educational needs.

How to Improve Audio in AV Installations: Waves Commercial Audio Webinar

Join us to learn how you can improve audio quality dramatically in AV installations, with Waves’ new Commercial Audio products, CA1000 and CA2000.

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Steve Botting

Steve is the mastermind behind EFM USA logistics along with his partner, Mike Llewellyn. 

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Ethan Merfy

Ethan is a stage manager, rigger, carpenter, and production manager that has worked in this industry since 1991.

Wrong End of the Snake ft. Phil X

PHIL X –  Phil X is the lead guitar player for Bon Jovi. Growing up in Ontario Canada, his first band Sidinex (his last name backwards) released one EP, but that didn’t stop him. He went on to be a prolific session guitarist playing with bands like Tommy Lee, Chris Cornell, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Rob Zombie, Daughtry, Alice Cooper, Perry Farrel, Triumph and many others.

The NAMM Foundation’s Music and Social Justice, A Case Study in Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Alliance

Percussive Arts Society (PAS) Executive Director Joshua Simonds, Diversity Alliance Chair, Elizabeth DeLamater, and members of the PAS Diversity Alliance join host Mary Luehrsen for a frank discussion on why creating the alliance was a crucial step to the health of their organization; how they got started; and what they’ve learned along the way.

Andrew Scheps Talks to Awesome People ft. Steve Albini

This week Andrew is joined by Steve Albini, owner of Electrical Audio in Chicago and one of the most prolific rock engineers ever.

SoundGirls + Female Frequency: Mixing Webinar with Rosana Cabán

Join SoundGirls & Female Frequency for a Mixing Webinar with Rosana Cabán, and moderated by Vanessa Silberman.

How to be an Ally for Marginalized Groups in Audio Pt II

It’s time to stop talking about the lack of diversity in the audio industry. and do something about it. Part II of this important event takes place Thursday 8/20.

Wrong End of The Snake ft. ADAM RUEHMER & LORENZO ERRICO

This week, Ken and Kevin talk with ADAM RUEHMER & LORENZO ERRICO, modern artist marketing experts.

Andrew Scheps Talks To Awesome People ft. Jimmy Douglass

This week Andrew talks with Jimmy Douglass. “The Senator” is a living legend. From Aretha to Jay-Z, Keith Jarrett to Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott to Matisyahu.