NIRO™ A Predictive Iterative Analysis Tool For Small Room Acoustics

For many years, the need for a wave-based, computer-modeling tool capable of facilitating predictive, iterative analysis required to optimize small room design (i.e. studios, home theaters, audiophile rooms, etc.) has been the acousticians’ ‘Holy Grail.”  Enter NIRO™, (Non-Cuboid Iterative Room Optimizer.), a SaaS (software as a service) developed over the past two years by REDIAcoustics.

This 15-minute NIRO tutorial will illustrate how this software platform has been developed; the research behind it; and why it is poised to create a new paradigm in the optimization of small room acoustics.
NIRO Presenters:  Peter D’Antonio and John Storyk are part of the founding team of REDIacoustics, a recently formed research company dedicated to high performance audio and acoustic analysis.  The creator of RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc., Dr. Peter D’Antonio is a musician, recording engineer, sound diffusion industry pioneer, author, educator, and the inventor of numerous trademarked and patented, optimized diffusing and absorbing surfaces.

Thursday, January 21, 3:25 p.m. EST

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