Meet “One and Dunn.”

It’s story time! Welcome to the Pro Audio corner of the music industry.

From the equipment manufacturers, to the engineers, to the business people behind the scenes, over the years every member of the microcosm has become family to host Karen Dunn, Founder/CEO of KMD Productions, the company she created to channel her passion for bringing the whole eclectic crew together into through virtual and live events.

Tune in HERE to meet this vibrant cast of characters and pick up tips for creating and cultivating your own groups by stepping into Karen’s world of creating community in Pro Audio.

Upcoming guests include: Zoe Thrall, Ken “Pooch” Van Druten, Tom Kenney, EveAnna Manley, Joe Lamond, Gavin Lurssen, Jeri Palumbo, and more.

Listen to our latest episode here.

This podcast is Produced by Jules Everson and Stephanie Lamond. Our audio editor is Corey Klotz, and videos are produced by David Kitaeff, both proud CRAS graduates.