Reflecting on 6 months of virtual events through last weekend’s Mix Sound for Film & TV event.

Usually, Mix Sound for Film & TV takes place over the course of one Saturday afternoon, on the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City. This is not a usual year. 2020’s gathering evolved into a two-day virtual event, bringing with it a host of new opportunities and challenges.

In translating pre-existing live events to the virtual realm, the first aspect a planner has to accept is that with the world currently battling “Zoom Fatigue” and flooded with a barrage of online content, it’s hard to get people to 1) join your event and 2) to stay. To find solutions to these core issues, during these 6 months since the major shutdowns for COVID-19 began, I’ve been attending every virtual industry gathering I can, hoping to synthesize all of the new players and platforms into strategies my clients can use. I’m happy to say that with this research, and trial & error, the answer to this question has begun to form.

For the keys to knocking it out of the park in this new digital event landscape, and a peek at what a fully virtual event hall can look like, check out the full LinkedIn article here.

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