Andrew Scheps Talks to Awesome People ft. Tommy Vicari

There are a lot of awesome people in the world, and they all have amazing stories to tell. Getting them to tell their stories on camera is not only fun and educational for all of us, but it helps document some of the absolutely incredible things that have happened in the brief history of recorded music.

Join Andrew and his guests for a deep dive into what makes them, and the people around them, tick.

This week’s guest is Tommy Vicari! Quincy, Aretha, Barbra oh my! Tommy has literally done it all. Come on, he’s halfway to an EGOT!!! Credits: Quincy Jones, Billy Idol, Billy Preston, The Academy Awards, Tina Turner, Thomas Newman (Finding Nemo!), Hans Zimmer, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker.

Every Monday 2:30 PM EDT, 6:30 PM GMT

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